English Lectures

Teaching language in our bachelor programme is German. The following lectures are taught in English if exchange students with no German skills have signed in.


Algorithms and Data Structures

ModuleAlgorithmen und Datenstrukturen (B21) | 2. Semester
Credits5 ECTS
LecturerProf. Dr. Jürgen Sieck

This course provides students with basic knowledge about algorithms and corresponding data structures, and enables them to analyse and design algorithms and solve algorithmic problems. Algorithms include searching and sorting, mathematical and graph algorithms, backtracking and data compression.

Distributed Systems

ModuleVerteilte Systeme (B41) | 4. Semester
Credit 5 ECTS
LecturerProf. Dr. Albrecht Fortenbacher

Students gain knowledge about different aspects of distributed systems, from system modells and architectures to principles of interaction, error handling, security, from networking protocols to communication paradigms like remote procedure calls or message passing. Learning about distributed algorithms, middleware, distributed services and distributed applications enables them to design, develop and analyze distributed systems.

Developing Social Networks

ModuleEntwicklung sozialer Systeme (B54WT) | 5. Semester
Credits5 ECTS
LecturerProf. Dr. Thomas Schwotzer

Technical basis of social networks are (or at least should be) semantic networks. Social networking is also a very good example of peer-to-peer communication. Both, semantic and P2P technologies are quite broad fields in IT. We take a very practical and less theoretical apporach: We use a Java framework for building P2P semantic applications to build our own social application. Often, we have real customers who are interested in (prototyp) applications. Have at look at our history. That class can lead to topics for students Bachelor / Master thesis and further research and developement.

Data Privacy and Data Security

ModuleDatenschutz und Datensicherheit (B52) | 5. Semester
Credits5 ECTS
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Albrecht Fortenbacher

This course provides students with basic knowledge about cryptography, security middleware, and data privacy issues. It enables students to analyze security and weakness of systems, to design secure systems by adopting appropriate methods and algorithms, to better understand data privacy issues, including threats to data privacy and their implications, and to improve data privacy within an organization.